For various reasons, some clients want a contractor to handle their entire renovation project, from the conceptual ideas through the design and construction. This approach is often requested for many reasons, not the least of which is to transfer total responsibility for a project to a single entity.

At Enterprise Equipment, we work with our in-house engineering staff, along with a select group of independent engineers and contractors to design projects which will accomplish the desired results, utilizing the latest concepts in technology and construction to meet our clients’ requirements.

This design/build approach eliminates the “faults and finger pointing” so often associated with the contracting business; we design it, we build it, we are responsible for making everything perform as required.

Mechanical and Plumbing Installations

Buildings might last for centuries, but their mechanical systems do not. For more than a half century, Enterprise has specialized in keeping abreast of the energy and technological advances of the heating and cooling industry. We provide the most advanced energy-efficient equipment and incorporate it into your mechanical and plumbing renovations, regardless of how intricate or customized your needs might be. We excel in using space that is currently available for mechanical purposes and offering ideas and suggestions when additional space is deemed necessary due to new requirements. You provide the challenges, we have the solutions.

General Construction

Oftentimes mechanical renovations will be part of a larger general construction project. A number of our employees are licensed construction supervisors capable of building projects that are large in scope with numerous subtrades.

Communication is the key on general construction projects. We schedule frequent job site meetings to ensure that coordination between all facets of work are carefully monitored. By acting as the general contractor ourselves we can better control the overall project rather than relying on others.

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